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Adil Went From 4% to 10% Conversions



Do you think you know the actual difference between a website and a landing page? Well, Think Again! You probably don't and that's why you are here. When you join as a VIP member, I will teach you not just the tool but also the reason why landing page is your solution to getting more sales and leads.

WEBSITES ARE DEAD! Being Future Ready is one thing, but the truth is that the future is now the present. Having a sales landing page is NOT a choice anymore. You NEED it. Period. When you join the workshop right now, I will teach you not just the tool part of it but also the science behind why you need a landing page.

Landing Page Domination workshop is NOT just about learning the tool. It is a lot more than that. When you join the workshop right now, I will also share with you some ground-shaking secrets that other gurus are hiding from you. This will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY! Once you learn these hacks from me, You will INSTANTLY start saving a minimum of 15k-20k every single month on various tools, GUARANTEED! You will thank me later 🙂

If you are an absolute beginner, DO NOT WORRY at all!!! When you join the workshop, I will teach you even the most basics of setup and installation so that you can do all of it yourself. I call it my one-click setup method. It is fast, easy and practical. When you attend the workshop, I will also teach you how you can use a free lead capture plugin and use that as a one email auto responder for FREE.

I have had people from zero technical background become a master at building landing pages because the method I teach is SUPER EASY. Well, people say that I am the best trainer they have ever come across. I have a specific method that you will be able to apply easily without hiring any expensive developers or spending money on paid tools and plugins. 

You will learn the hierarchy of the tool that is essential to give a stunning design, like sections, columns, and widgets. I like to call it the Hybrid Designing Formula that is 100% Beginner Friendly.

I will also teach you how to add high-converting widgets, like multi-color text, Call-To-Action buttons, Motion effects, Testimonial Sliders, Countdown Timer, Accordions (Toggle Tabs - Just like what you are seeing right now) and so much more. The best part is, I will walk you through all of this LIVE in front of your eyes using 100% FREE plugins.

So, as you must have read above, I will teach you everything about the designing. However, If your copywriting doesn't make your reader feel understood, you will lose and I want you to WIN. I will teach you the 3 pillars of copywriting called as P.P.O applying which you will skyrocket the conversions of your sales landing page.

The secrets are always in the details. While I am teaching you LIVE, I will keep sharing with you HIGH-CONVERSION designing and content structure tips. The Best Part Is - I WILL DO ALL THIS LIVE IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. I WILL TEACH YOU WHILE BUILDING A LANDING PAGE FROM SCRATCH.


From: Rohan Sapra
AKA: Sales & Landing Page Ninja


Dear Friend,
I want you to STOP bleeding money. If you are still sending your traffic to a website and are hoping for more leads or sales, You need to STOP!

The reason why Landing pages helps to amplify your conversions is because they are much more personalized than a boring and confusing website.

Best Part is, You can start building a landing page from scratch using 100% FREE plugins and WITHOUT any paid tools or funnel builders.